Monday, April 15, 2013

A view into the creation of NASA'a site

open.NASA - Creating

It’s 4:39am and I’m staring at a blank screen.

“Well, that’s just great,” I say to myself before making a quick edit and switching over to my command line prompt.

$ git add . && git commit -m "Please let it work this time"
$ fab deploy development

I refresh my browser and see an image of the blue marble with 75 colorful icons and a slowly moving International Space Station sliding across the screen. Success. Issue ticket closed.

That’s been the story of my life, and the lives of the rest of the team behind, over the past few weeks as we prepared the site to go live, first as a soft launch on March 3rd, and later as a full rollout last week. We’ve spent a lot of time on the site and are really proud of the result.


  • Methodology

  • Backend

  • Frontend

    • SASS

    • Leaflet, OpenStreetMaps, & Mapquest Open Maps

    • Isotope

    • Wysihtml5

    • Typekit

    • Disqus

    • Hackpad

    • Cloudflare

    • Google Apps


While I don't use any of that tech, I still thought this post interesting. And that opening segment had me chuckling. You can just feel Sean's pain and joy of a final working site success...

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