Monday, May 13, 2013

Because every IDE needs a fart-app, right? Farticus, the VS Fart Extension...

Visual Studio Gallery - Farticus

Let everyone know when your builds fail by playing fart sounds. You can select which fart to play from the many different styles. You'll find the right fart for any situation. Farticus is great for presentations, team environments and when you're coding all alone.

Farticus is open source on GitHub and pull (my finger) requests are accepted.

Using Farticus

Farticus adds 2 important features to Visual Studio:

1. Play Random Fart

From the Standard toolbar in Visual Studio, you can easily play a random fart by clicking the Farticus buttton.


2. Play Fart when builds fail

No one likes it when builds fail. Farticus makes failed builds more fun by playing one of the wonderful farts. You can disable the builds failed auto-fart in the Tools -> Options dialog.



"Sounds like a case of the..."

Anyway, this is so wrong, it's, well still wrong. But what dev-boy doesn't like a good IDE integrated fart app!

The fact that they released the source too, well that's just [air]fresh[ener]

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