Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Extended WPF Toolkit gets all v2.0 and now includes AvalonDock too!

Extended WPF Toolkit  - Extended WPF Toolkit - 2.0.0

What's new in the 2.0.0 Community Edition?

Improvements and bug fixes
  • Another 67 improvements were made for v2.0.0 Community Edition, including some new controls, almost as many as last releases' record-breaking 70. See the complete list of improvements in v2.0.0.
  • New! Live Explorer app available online as a Click Once app. Try it now!


v2.0.0 Community Edition improvements and bug fixes

67 new improvements
Notable new features

  • Our flexible docking window control, AvalonDock, is now part of the toolkit. Provides a system that allows developers to create customizable layouts using a dock system similar to what is found in many popular integrated development environments (IDEs). Aero, Metro, and VS2010 themes are provided for the control, in addition to the Office 2007 themes.
  • WindowContainer has been added. This container can contain more than one ChildWindow at the same time.
  • ChildWindow has several new properties that allow the window chrome to be styled. It also derives from the newly added WindowControl, which has various advantages over the old version.
  • The MessageBox class also has several new properties that allow its chrome to be styled; furthermore, it can now be displayed in XBAP application when displayed in a WindowContainer. It also now derives from WindowControl.
  • A Windows 8 theme is now supported by all of the controls in the toolkit.
  • New 'Live Explorer' application with source code demonstrates all the features. See an online version here.

Minor features and Issues resolved



There are some awesome controls in this toolkit. What kinds of controls? Here's the list...

Extended WPF Toolkit™ Community Edition (Doc's)


  • AutoSelectTextBox
  • BusyIndicator
  • ButtonSpinner
  • Calculator
  • CalculatorUpDown
  • CheckComboBox
  • CheckListBox
  • ChildWindow
  • CollectionEditor
  • CollectionControlDialog
  • ColorCanvas
  • ColorPicker
  • DataGrid
  • DateTimePicker
  • DateTimeUpDown
  • DropDownButton
  • Magnifier
  • MaskedTextBox
  • MessageBox
  • MultiLineTextEditor
  • NumericUpDown - OBSOLETE! Use the NumericUpDown-derived controls (see next)
  • NumericUpDown-derived controls (for decimal, double, byte, integer, long, short, and single types)
  • Panel controls (SwitchPanel control provides an animated, switchable environment for children and panels)
  • PrimitiveTypeCollectionEditor
  • PropertyGrid
  • RichTextBox
  • RichTextBoxFormatBar
  • SplitButton
  • TimelinePanel
  • TimePicker
  • WatermarkTextBox
  • Wizard
  • Zoombox

And the price? Free! :)


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