Friday, July 26, 2013

Imaging an even simpler image for using the Nokia Imaging SDK (NuGet it!)

Nokia Developer - Simpler installation of the Imaging SDK, using NuGet

When it comes to installing the Nokia Imaging SDK to your Windows Phone 8 projects, the easiest way is to use NuGet.  Until today, you still had to complete the installation by manually editing your project file (.csproj), but thanks to the fantastic input of PetroQ, an active member of the SDK discussion board, the installation is now significantly simpler. Kudos PetroQ!

The steps to install the Nokia Imaging SDK are now:

  1. In Visual Studio, from the NuGet Package manager, install the Nokia Imaging SDK to your project.
  2. Remove the “All CPU” configuration from the project, to leave only “ARM” and “X86″.
  3. Close and reopen your project.

That’s it! Detailed installation steps are documented here.


Yeah, that does make it much easier! :)


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