Thursday, September 26, 2013

"The Ultimate Agile Planning Handbook" Free [email address-ware] eBook from Telerik

Telerik - The Ultimate Agile Planning Handbook


Stay on top of your backlog and manage your iterations like an Agile guru with the help of our Ultimate Agile Planning Handbook. Dive into this 20-page whitepaper with how-to tips and important Agile planning best practices that will help you improve your processes today. Some of the areas we address are:

  • Time boxing
  • Optimizing iterations
  • Prioritizing and sizing the backlog
  • Using uncertainty and maturity to improve prioritization
  • Improving predictions using velocity and capacity and more
  • Most common challenges related to planning and how to overcome them

Start transforming your planning process today!

This looks to be a "manager safe" short little eBook.

Here's a snap of it;


(via Tatworth - Free book from Telerik - The Ultimate Agile Planning Handbook)

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