Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Windows Azure Guidance - Cloud Design Patterns Alpha drop...

Alejandro Jezierski - Cloud Design Patterns, new drop on Codeplex

We made a new drop of the Cloud Design Patterns book on codeplex.

The drop includes the following patterns and related guidance:


patterns & practices - Windows Azure Guidance - Cloud Design Patterns

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Cloud Design Patterns document
documentation, 2682K, uploaded Mon - 507 downloads

Release Notes

2nd drop of Cloud Design Patterns project. It contains 14 patterns with 7 related guidance.



patterns & practices - Windows Azure Guidance

Welcome to patterns & practices Windows Azure Guidance site

Many customers are looking for guidance on how to make the move to Windows Azure, and how to make the most of it. patterns & practices has a series of projects that target application design and development on Windows Azure.

The key themes for these projects are:
1. Moving to the Cloud
2. Developing for the Cloud
3. Building Hybrid Apps in the Cloud
4. Developing Big Data Solutions in the Cloud 
5. Cloud Design Patterns

These themes will allow us to categorize the scenarios that we will be delivering. Most of the scenarios are challenges that customers face today. And as we progress the program forward we will have more scenarios.

#1 is about migration and re-purposing existing applications and skills. #2 is about taking advantages of intrinsic properties from the cloud, such as elastic demand, etc., #3 is about connecting cloud applications with on-premises systems. #4 is the ongoing project about developing big data solutions using Windows Azure HDInsight and related technologies.


Don't reinvent the cloud wheel, instead learn from wheel builders (or whatever, you get the idea). In short, don't invent what you don't need to invent. Invest your time into what makes your product and service unique...


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