Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zombie Post of the Day #2: Zombie Combat Battalion Scrolls (ZOCOM) - Get your Zombie Tab here...

Zombie Combat Battalion Scrolls (ZOCOM)


Soldiers qualified for Zombie combat wear the Zombie tab. Those serving in one of four Zombie combat BNs wear the scroll.

The Zombie Combat Command has seen much success in the past three years. Containing all major Zombie incidents within the United States, the creation of the 26th Zombie Combat Regiment, with four Zombie Combat Battalions has been approved. The first, second and third Zombie Combat Battalions are actively recruiting soldiers to fill their ranks.

For more information, please visit our website:



Here are some reasons why you should be a member of the 26th Zombie Combat Regiment.
1) Show that you are second to none when it comes to killing Zombies.
2) Get featured in the Zombie Combat Command comic!
3) If you get the fireteam or fireteam leader backings, you can feature yourself and three others in the comic.
4) If you get the squad or squad leader backings, you can feature yourself and nine others in the comic!
5) You can order Zombie tabs (issued ONLY by ZOCOM) at any time. No need to wait for recruitment or drives.


Come on you know you want to pony up some funds to get you and your team part of one of the Zombie Combat Battalions (1st is my choice, but 2nd works too, having spent some time in the 2D... ;) With 14 days to go, of the total 15, they've already hit their funding too.

I've had to keep myself uber-busy today to avoid my wife's wrath (i.e. I SO want the big package for my team and son, but... but... um... maybe if I loot the change bottle... um... ;)


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