Friday, November 15, 2013

"Community [e]Book of PowerShell Practices" September 2013 edition - Community Book of PowerShell Practices

Released in our new Git repo: The Community Book of PowerShell Practices, an ongoing book started from this past Summer’s “Great Debates” blog post series. Grab it from and enjoy!

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During the 2013 Scripting Games, it became apparent that a great many folks in the PowerShell community have vastly different ideas about what’s “right and wrong” in the world of PowerShell scripting. Some folks down-scored techniques that others praised, and vice-versa.

After the Games, ran a series of “Great Debate” blog posts, outlining some of the more controversial issues and asking for community input. The catch is the input had to not only state what the person thought was best, but very specifically why they thought that.

This book, which will likely be an ongoing effort, is a compilation of those Debates’ comments, formed as a “best practices” guide that is based on community input. It’s important to realize that practices are not hard-and-fast rules. Best practices are the things you usually do as a starting point, and deviate from when it’s appropriate. You should understand that these practices were formed primarily by people who are writing scripts to manage their own environment, and who are often pressed for time. They are not developing commercial software, they rarely have the luxury of extended test-and-develop cycles, and for the most part are not professional software developers. Their perspective definitely drives what they consider “best” and “worst,” but if you are working from a different perspective then you’ll have to take all of this with a grain of salt.

Just a few pages, but from people in the field, for people in the field.

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