Monday, December 09, 2013

"Visually Create Visual Studio Snippets" with the new Snippetizer from DevLabs

Visual Studio Gallery - Snippetizer

Snippetizer: Visually Create Visual Studio


 What is it

Snippets are a fun and easy way to re-use pieces of code that you care about. Need to time a method? Wrap it with a timer snippet.

Now you can create snippets without fiddling with XML schemas, and get full intellisense and editor colorization while you create them.

You can define fields that are linked together effortlessly, so when you insert the snippet, you can easily rename the fields into contextually meaningful ones.

Saved snippets show up in the Insert Snippet command (CTRL K, X). If you add a shortcut name to your snippet, it will also show up in Intellisense.

Features & Benefits

  • XML free visual creator
  • Linked Editing for fields
  • "Set Properties" exposes most Snippets functionality
  • Set the post-insertion caret location
  • Easily use the selected code at snippet invocation time


Snippets are a HUGE time saver, but can also be a headache to create really useful ones. Looks like this tool is just the aspirin we need...

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