Thursday, December 19, 2013

Disk2vhd turns 2, v2.0 that is, and a few more Sysinternals utility updates

Sysinternals Site Discussion - Updates: Coreinfo v3.21, Disk2vhd v2.0, LiveKd v5.31

Coreinfo v3.21: CoreInfo is a command-line tool for reporting processor topology, NUMA performance, and processor features. The v3.21 release adds microcode reporting.

Disk2vhd v2.0: Disk2vhd, a utility for performing physical-to-virtual conversion of Windows systems, adds support for VHDX-formatted VHDs (thanks to Brendan Gruber for contributions), now supports WinRE volumes, can capture removable media, and includes an option to capture live volumes instead of relying on volume shadow copy (VSS).


LiveKd v5.31: LiveKd is a utility for performing live kernel debugging of native systems and virtual machines from the host ...

V2 for Disk2vhd seems weird doesn't it, given how long that utility has been around. In any case, it's great seeing it get some love. I wonder how it will evolve in the new Azure world? Disk2vhd2Azure would be kind of cool... :)


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