Monday, January 27, 2014

SharpDevelop 5 goes MIT and Beta 1 too!

SharpDevelop Community - Christoph Wille - License Change for SharpDevelop 5

With commit hash 1300bac39c (corresponding to build number, our Beta 1 release) we have switched the license for SharpDevelop from LGPL to MIT. (SharpDevelop 4.x and older remain LGPL licensed)

This means one very important thing: You can use our source code in your projects (not only the assemblies).

As a user of SharpDevelop, nothing really changes. You still can build applications of any license flavor.


SharpDevelop Community - Christoph Wille - SharpDevelop 5 Beta 1 Available


It has been (too) long in the making, but our major rearchitecting of SharpDevelop is close to being done, with only a few functional areas not in this Beta release:

  • EnvDTE.FileCodeModel is missing, thus our custom NuGet packages will be broken (T4MVC, MVCScaffolding and EF)
  • Code Quality Analysis and SharpDevelop Reports are missing (due to a rewrite of SDR)

Please note that Beta 2 is not too far off, and these will be in Beta 2.

As pointed out in the blog post SharpDevelop 5 C# Tech Preview, we are still shipping with C# only in SharpDevelop 5 – and this will most likely remain true for RTM too. (VB.NET will compile, but it won’t have code completion nor refactoring) SharpDevelop 5 installs in parallel to older versions, and if you have the patience: give it a dry run with a copy of an existing project (at least backup and/or use source control before you let a beta IDE touch your source code).

For further information on what’s new, please consult this list of select blog posts from the team members (I'll be doing a few "What's New" blog posts in the coming days, because obviously these are only a few big-ticket items - check back!):



It's darn nice to see SharpDevelop still kicking. I've been following them for about 10 years, imagine the projects that have come and gone in that time, so seeing that this has stood the test of time, let alone improved with age like a fine wine... well that makes this a happy Monday indeed!


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