Saturday, February 08, 2014

Visual Studio Extension - Error List Manager (ELM2013) - Easily export/save/print/email the VS Error List

Shemeer's World of Programming - Error List Manager – Visual Studio Plugin

Error List Manager extension lets you perform extra actions on Visual Studio’s Error List Window.


Currently Error List Manger supports Export, Email and Print functionalities.


  • Excel
  • HTML
  • PDF

By using the above options you can generate All/Selected Error List Items as an Excel (.xlsx), HTML or PDF.

The setting menu allows you to change the default export options as per your choice


Visual Studio Gallery - Error List Manager (ELM2013)

Additional options to Error List Window ( like Export, Email, Print etc...).


This is one of those things that just look so obvious in hindsight. Now I know YOU don't get many errors (I know I don't... um... err... um... yeah) but say you've picked up someone else's project and you're trying to get it to compile. And you want to share all the errors list items, THIS is the extension you'll want.

(via El Bruno - [#VS2013] VSGallery: Error List Manager, #MustHave)

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