Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Xamarin Settings for the Visual Studio Guy - Xamarin Studio Settings for Visual Studio Developers

If you are like me, a Visual Studio developer just getting started with Xamarin Studio, this new environment can seem a bit alien. Here's a couple of quick settings you can change to make yourself feel much more at home in the Xamarin IDE.

The instructions below are for Xamarin Studio running on Windows, but if you are using Xamarin Studio on OSX, just swap "Xamarin Studio, Preferences" for "Tools, Options" in the steps.

Syntax Highlighting

Under Tools, Options, then ...

Key Bindings

Under Tools, Options, then...

Source Analysis

This last one is less of a Visual Studio familiarity issue per se, but rather for those of us who might be missing ReSharper in this new IDE...



Unlike many of you cutting edge guys, and gals, I've yet to get started playing with Xamarin. But when I do, I know I'll need this (and those of you who are, this might come in handy for you now ;)

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