Friday, March 14, 2014

ERwin gets a new home at Embarcadero

PCWorld - Embarcadero moves into data modeling with CA ERwin buy

Embarcadero Technologies is acquiring the ERwin data modeling software and associated personnel from CA Technologies, giving the vendor of software development tools an instant and formable presence in the growing field of data architecture.

The purchase makes data architecture the largest part of Embarcadero’s business, Embarcadero CEO Wayne Williams said in a statement.


To date, Embarcadero has been most well known for its software and database development tools. The company’s first product, released in 1993, was a cross-platform SQL IDE (integrated development environment) called Rapid SQL. It also maintains the Delphi language and toolbase, as well as C++Builder IDE, both acquired from Borland Software in 2007




I've used ERwin in a number of past lives and found it pretty awesome. But the price was always a pain, and when it went to CA <snarky> aka the place where products go to die </snarky> well...

Embarcadero <snarky> aka the Island of Orphan Products, </snarky> seems to treat the new products it acquires with much more respect. Here's to hoping that they give ERwin some TLC. I'm looking forward to seeing a new and improved ERwin (that hopefully I don't have to take a 2nd out on the house to buy... ;)

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