Monday, March 17, 2014

Feel that Code Regions are the devil's work? Exorcise them with Regionator for VS2012

Visual Studio Gallery - Regionator

Regionator - removes (with vengeance) all the regions from your source with a simple click or keyboard shortcut (default Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K). Regions often hide code that should be open, organized and readable; other times they simply get in the way with unnecessary grouping that sometimes scross scopes. This extension removes all of the regions from your current c# and source file and replaces them with nothing.

This extension is open source. The sources can be found at: all comments and pull requests are welcome.


Personally I don't mind regions and use them myself to help me focus on code of interest, but some feel regions are from the Devil, so might also find this tool very welcome.

Love that he released the source... :)

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