Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PowerShell 10k - PowerShell Script Browser and Analyzer v1.1 released (easily access 10k PS Scripts, right from the ISE...)

Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework - Here Comes the Update of Script Browser & Script Analyzer 1.1

The Script Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE has received thousands of downloads since it was released a week ago. Based on your feedbacks, today we release the 1.1 update to respond to the highly needed features. The team is committed to making the Script Browser and Script Analyzer useful. Your feedback is very important to us.

Download Script Browser & Script Analyzer 1.1
(If you have already installed the 1.0 version, you will get an update notification when you launch Windows PowerShell ISE.)

1. Options to Turn on / Turn off Script Analyzer Rules

You can either select to turn on or turn off the rules in the Settings window of Script Analyzer.


You can also suggest a new Script Analyzer rule or vote for others’ suggestions. Our team monitors the forum closely. Based on your suggestions and votes, we will provide the corresponding Script Analyzer rules in future updates. We are also looking into the capability for you to write your own Script Analyzer rules and plug into the Script Analyzer.


Windows PowerShell Blog - A World of Scripts at your Fingertips – Introducing Script Browser

To reuse script samples on the Internet, the following steps seem quite familiar to IT Pros: wandering through different script galleries, forums and blogs, switching back and forth between webpages and scripting environment, and countless download, copy and paste operations. But all of these will drive one as dizzy as a goose. Need a simpler way of searching and reusing scripts? Try out the new Script Browser add-in for PowerShell ISE!


Script Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE is an app developed by Microsoft Customer Services & Support (CSS) with assistance from the PowerShell team and the Garage to save IT Pros from the painful process of searching and reusing scripts. We start from the 9,000+ script samples on TechNet Script Center. Script Browser allows users to directly search, learn, and download TechNet scripts from within PowerShell ISE – your scripting environment. Starting from this month, Script Browser for PowerShell ISE will be available for download. If you are a PowerShell scripter or are about to be one, Script Browser is a highly-recommended add-in for you.

Nearly 10,000 scripts on TechNet are available at your fingertips. You can search, download and learn scripts from this ever-growing sample repository.


Script Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE

Version: 1.1
File Name: ScriptBrowser.exe
Date Published: 4/29/2014
File Size: 1.4 MB

Script Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE enables you to search for over 9000 script samples in the TechNet Script Center from within the scripting environment. You can mark the script samples as favorites and download the script samples for later use. You will also get the chance to try out another new pilot function bundled with Script Browser - 'Script Analyzer'. We hope to learn your feedback.

One of those, you've got-to-have tool for PowerShell'ers

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