Monday, June 02, 2014

The ".NET Framework Regular Expressions" Cheat Sheet (1 page, front and back, lots-O-info)

Microsoft Downloads - .NET Framework Regular Expressions - Quick Reference

Version: 1.0

Date Published: 5/28/2014

File Name:

Regular expressions quick reference.docx, 70 KB

Regular expressions quick reference.pdf, 587 KB

This download is a document that provides information about the .NET Framework regular expression language. It's designed for quick lookup of characters, codes, groups, options, and other elements of regular expression patterns. It's provided in Microsoft Word (.docx) and .pdf formats.


If you don't regex often this cheat sheet might come in real handy. Or worse case it makes for cool cube art... :)

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Greg Sohl said...

This is still something that is up on my bulletin board. I originally found it from your link. Just downloaded again as I couldn't put my hands on the PDF and needed to share it. Thanks.