Monday, October 27, 2014

TFS Cheat Sheet every TFS power user will want - "TFS Command-line Cheat Sheet"

TFS Command-line Cheat Sheet

Project Description
This project provide a Cheat Sheet listing for all Team Foundation Server Built-in and Third tools Command-line.


  • Tf utility
  • Tfs Build
  • Tfs Security
  • Tfs and Project Server
  • Tfs Delete Project
  • Tcm (Microsoft Test Manager)
  • Tfs Config
  • Tfs Lab Config
  • Tfs Service Control
  • Tfs Field Mapping
  • WitAdmin

Third tools command-line

  • TFS Power tools
  • WiqAdmin
  • TfsClean
  • TfsCreateBuild
  • TfsExport
  • TfsMoveDescription
  • TfsReg



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