Thursday, December 04, 2014

Video to help you create videos... How to create community help, how-to or tutorial videos

Community Video Production - Masterclass


This special programme was recorded at the 2014 MVP Global Summit in the Microsoft Conference Center, at their international headquarters in Redmond (WA), USA. It also features a special appearance from Clippy!

Are you interested in, or do you make help, how-to or tutorial videos for the community? In this special session Mike Halsey MVP will show you how to get started with, and how to get the best from video production. Subjects covered include screen capture, using free and paid for video editing software, presentation skills, camera and smartphone use, microphones and sound editing, green screen, location filming, how to use innovative ideas, special effects, titles and more to make your videos more engaging and how to effectively distribute them online. In this session we had special prize giveaways from Sony, Adobe, FusionIO and JVC.

This is a MVP Summit 2014 session I really wanted to go to, but in the end couldn't. And while we'll not get the giveaways we get the best part, Mike's how-to on creating how-to's!

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