Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Build 2015 Schedule (One time slot, lots'O sessions)


Here's my first pass for my session selection for this week's Build (which I'm obviously going to).

Some take-aways:

  • You will NOT be able to go to every session you'd like too (which is common with past Builds). The Channel 9 2015 Build page is your friend. Since all the sessions will be available for free on-demand viewing, create a schedule on Ch9, queue your sessions and come back and see them later
  • The event is for networking, connecting with vendors and Microsoft at the booths. The sessions are great, but again you simply will not be able to go to them all. So don't sweat it! If you get stuck behind "stinky guy" or it's standing room only, don't stay. Go network! You'll be able to see the session later. The ONLY time I suggest you stay is if you want to connect directly with the speakers
  • WPF isn't mentioned once. LOB dev doesn't seem to get much love. I also didn't see any .NET 4.6 sessions. This is common with past Builds, but still, as a LOB WPF dev, it bugs me
  • Check out the "After Keynote" sessions. Looks like the Keynote is going to have some cool news, as you'd expect!

Whine's aside, I think this is going to be a great event and I am very excited to attend!


Here's my current Build Schedule (very subject to change ;)

    • 2:00PM to 3:00PM
      • Office Development Matters, and Here's Why...

        In this kick-off session you will learn about what's new for developers in Office with demos and code.

      • What's New in XAML for Universal Windows Apps

        The Universal Windows Platform provides developers with a real opportunity to create meaningful, familiar, and tailored apps that run across a wide set of device families. To help with that, XAML UI took a big step forward in Windows 10 with new controls and new features to simplify tailoring app…

      • Developing Universal Windows Apps in Visual Studio 2015

        Come and learn how to build a Universal Window app in Visual Studio 2015. In this session, we will explore creating adaptive apps, building UI for different device families, using platform and 3rd-party extension SDKs, and integrating Application Insights. Also learn a lot more about the developer…

    • 3:30PM to 4:30PM
      • A Lap Around .NET 2015

        .NET 2015 is the next generation of .NET. This release encompasses several new innovations that improve developer productivity and enhance application performance. .NET 2015 builds on the advancements available in .NET 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 to deliver a highly compatible platform for building…

      • Game Developers: Get the Most Out of Windows 10

        In this session, we will tour the new APIs, learn techniques and design considerations for building multi-device Windows games, explore how to integrate Windows games with Xbox Live, and discuss updates on the most popular gaming middleware and engines now ready for Windows 10.

      • Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello: Moving Beyond Passwords and Credential Theft

        Credential theft has become one of the most widespread attacks affecting our customers and users. Security experts have been advocating for years the needs to raise the bar on user authentication and move away from passwords. Multiple solutions on the market attempt to address this problem, but so…

      • Overview of Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Office 365

        Office 365 has a plethora of data and services that enable people and organizations. This session will detail how to hook into these services and data with any platform using our cross-platform tools and SDKs.

      • A Studio in the Palm of Your Hand: Developing Audio and Video Creation Apps for Windows 10

        Existing Windows APIs for media manipulation are powerful and flexible, but they require deep domain knowledge and are not easily accessible to C#/JS developers. Windows 10 introduces a powerful creative media platform that makes your original audio/video scenarios simpler to implement. Windows 10…

      • Get Your Hands Dirty with the Office 365 APIs, Authentication and SDKs

        This session will deep-dive into the available scenarios when using the OneDrive for Business, Calendar, Mail, Contacts and Sites services in the Office 365 APIs.

    • 5:00PM to 6:00PM
  • Thursday, April 30, 2015

      • Gaining Real-Time IoT Insights using Azure Stream Analytics, AzureML and PowerBI

        Devices are becoming smarter and more connected, and the expectation of what can be done with the data generated and collected from these devices continues to evolve both in the commercial and consumer spaces. Whether you are doing health monitoring, building or home automation, social media…

      • Azure API Apps for Web, Mobile and Logic Apps

        Azure API Apps makes APIs easy, whether they are APIs you author or APIs you use. In this demo-filled talk, we’ll look at building APIs with ASP.NET and open source languages, proxying existing API such as Office 365 and Salesforce, and taking advantage of SaaS connectors for the most popular SaaS…

      • Deep Dive into XAML and .NET Universal Windows App Development

        Universal Windows Apps require you to learn a number of new concepts to harness the full power of the platform and deliver the best possible experiences to the widest set of customers including .NET native, adaptive layouts, a plethora of device targets, and more - all in a world of where the…

    • 6:30PM to 7:30PM
      • Building Big Data Applications Using Azure HDInsight Service

        Come to this session to learn how to use Azure HDInsight service to build solutions that can handle any shape data at massive scale. We will build an end to end application that uses both data in motion (Streaming) as well as data at rest (Batch). In this session we will use Big Data technologies…

      • Screen Casting: Develop Multi-Screen Universal Windows Apps Using Casting Technologies

        In this session, we will explore how you can use Universal Windows Platform APIs to enable productivity and media scenarios across different screens and devices. We’ll discuss best practices for leveraging a wide variety of approaches like casting a media element, remote app launching, and creating…

      • Windows for Makers: Raspberry Pi 2, Arduino and More

        In Windows 10 we have enabled the creation of the next generation of intelligent devices. In this session you’ll learn about how to leverage the value of Windows when building these next generation devices based on hardware like the Raspberry Pi 2, as well as how to extend your Windows devices with…

      • Cortana and Speech Platform In Depth

        Build natural language speech experiences that start with Cortana. Learn about new options for authoring natural language Voice Command Definitions (VCDs).

      • Debugging Performance Issues Using Visual Studio 2015

        Come to this demo-driven session to learn how to use Visual Studio 2015 to continuously improve the performance of your applications during normal development. You’ll learn how to use the new capability of running diagnostic tools with the debugger and how to use the tools without the debugger to…

  • Friday, May 1, 2015

    • 9:00AM to 10:00AM
      • Deep Dive into ASP.NET 5

        This talk will take you deep into the internals of the all-new ASP.NET 5 framework. This new, fully open source web framework sits on top of the new composable cross-platform .NET Runtime - the Core CLR. Damian Edwards and Scott Hanselman will show you how ASP.NET 5 enables more choice than ever…

      • Camera: Developing Powerful Camera Apps

        Finally you can build a single camera app for Windows that will run on phones, tablets, and desktops. In Windows 10, the camera API sets have converged so you have support for the same feature set regardless of device. Features previously available only on phone (preview frame access) or desktop…

      • Application Insights for Any App: A Must-Have Tool for Understanding Your Customers

        Are you a product owner working in an agile world and building a modern service, web or mobile application? If so, then you know how critical it is to understand who your customers are and how they are using your product. You want to understand usage trends to better target the right personas and…

      • The "Project Spartan" Rendering Engine That Makes the Web Just Work

        We’ve made literally thousands of changes to jettison the legacy of the past and to dramatically improve support for the web of today and tomorrow. Our web platform roadmap at status.modern.ie also shows dozens of new features in preview and in development. Come and learn about the new capabilities…

      • What's New in C# 6 and Visual Basic 14

        C# 6 and Visual Basic 14 both add a number of bite-sized new features, all aimed at making your everyday code cleaner and clearer. Instead of introducing new concepts, each feature makes a common coding pattern simpler, and removes boilerplate to let the intent of the code stand out. In this talk…

      • API Contracts (or How I Learned to Stop Checking OS Versions and Love Feature Detection)

        Learn how to create an adaptive Universal Windows app that runs on multiple Windows 10 device families. While many APIs are present on all devices, sometimes you want your app to take advantage of device-specific APIs when the app is running on that device. Adaptive apps allow you to do that and…

      • New OneDrive APIs for Developing Against OneDrive AND OneDrive for Business

        Come learn how to use the OneDrive API and Microsoft Office 365 Files REST API to work with OneDrive and OneDrive for Business files and folders. Learn how to build solutions and apps using APIs to create folders and content, get folder properties, create or update a file, update file properties,…

    • 10:30AM to 11:30AM
      • Deploying Complex Open Source Workloads on Azure

        Microsoft is embracing open source like never before. In this session, you will see real-life scenarios using OSS on Azure, including LAMP, containers, big data and IoT scenarios. You will learn about how Microsoft makes different OSS technologies thrive on Azure, and how Microsoft is providing…

      • Case Studies of HoloLens App Development

        Microsoft HoloLens gives developers and designers creative opportunities unlike any seen before. Creating apps for this platform uses both existing skills as well as new skills. In this session, we’ll discuss the experience of three organizations with early access to developer kits. And we’ll get…

      • Vision APIs: Understanding Images in Your App

        Vision APIs enable you to build the most compelling app experience by providing ways to present the media in best form: • Use Thumbnail, Color Detection to help you present images in best form • Use Categorization to organize your content • Restrict\filter suggestive content appropriate for your…

      • Building a Single-Page App Using Angular and TypeScript Using Office 365 APIs

        Fresh from presenting at ng-conf in March, Andrew Connell, Dan Wahlin, and Jeremy Thake will show you how to build a single page application using the Angular and TypeScript frameworks. They will show how to leverage the ADAL.JS framework to call the Office 365 APIs using cross-origin resource…

      • Fast and Powerful Diagnostics, and Problem Solving with Application Insights

        Too many developers and product teams are still running blind. They are either not aware of problems with their apps, or do not have concrete information to fix those problems. Application Insights can help you turn the lights on with quick & proactive 360° information about your apps'…

      • .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn"): Analyzers and the Rise of Code-Aware Libraries

        We've rewritten (and open sourced!) the C# and Visual Basic compilers, and exposed their functionality through APIs as the .NET Compiler Platform. But what do these APIs mean for those who aren't compiler jocks?

    • 12:30PM to 1:30PM
      • Azure Virtual Machines Deep Dive

        Microsoft Azure is the best place for developing, testing and deploying your applications. The Virtual Machines service in Azure will allow you to deploy the widest range of applications from small micro services to large applications running across 32 of the latest Intel processors with almost half…

      • New XAML Tools in Visual Studio 2015

        Visual Studio 2015 is an exciting new release for developers building any kind of XAML app – be that a Windows universal app or a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) app. In this session, learn about some of its new capabilities including the re-designed Blend experience, UI debugging tools and…

      • Logic Apps

        In this session, learn how you can use Azure Logic Apps to automate business processes without using code. This course will demonstrate the new graphical designer, speak to the architecture of the underlying system, and how to best take advantage of different Logic App capabilities.

      • The Skype Developer Platform and Skype Web Developer Capabilities

        Learn more about the Skype Developer Platform and how Microsoft provides powerful developer and customization opportunities around Lync, Skype for Business and Skype. Learn how to build new web experiences that seamlessly integrate a wide variety of Skype for Business services and the larger Skype…

      • Building Consumer and Enterprise Device Solutions with Windows 10 IoT

        As component costs decrease and connectivity increases, the demand for intelligent IoT devices continues to accelerate rapidly. IoT fragmentation drives development, management and support costs up at the same time. Windows Internet of Things (IoT) offers solutions enabling you to build anything…

    • 2:00PM to 3:00PM
      • Azure Media Services Developer Deep Dive

        Azure Media Services is a platform-as-a-service which enables you to build a customizable media workflow. you could upload, encode, encrypt, package and deliver video content to multiple platforms and devices. In this session you will see how to build that workflow using Azure Media Services APIs…

      • App-to-App Communication: Building a Web of Apps

        The world wide web is one of the most powerful tools available to us. A lot of its power comes from how easily web sites can work with each other to answer questions and solve problems. Wouldn't it be great if every device contained a web of apps working together rather than just the silos we see…

      • Go Mobile with C#, Visual Studio and Xamarin

        Xamarin enables C# developers to become native iOS, Android, and Windows mobile app developers overnight. In this session, learn how to leverage your existing Microsoft .NET and C# skills to create iOS and Android apps in Visual Studio with Xamarin and share your business logic across all platforms.…

      • Historical Debugging with IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2015

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