Saturday, August 01, 2015

Windows 10 Start Menu Text changing color and to dark to read? Try turning off your Intel 3D settings...

Problem: Windows 10 Start Menu Text changing color and too dark to read. Edge Favorites Bar background color is dark. Action Center Text to dark to read.

Environment: GS60 (Gold), Windows 10 Pro (x64) [upgraded from Windows 8.1), Intel HD 4600 (Driver version

Fix: Change the Intel 3D settings in the Intel Graphics Control Panel:

  • Application Optimal Mode: Disable
  • Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing: Turn Off
  • Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing:: Turn Off
  • General Settings: Balanced Mode







Full Story...

Like tens of millions of others, I upgraded my main machine last week from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Sure, I've been an Insider for forever and running Win10 on a number of machines, but for my main, I wanted to wait for Day One and experience what everyone else did.

Wednesday night I upgrade. The Get Windows 10 process didn't work for me, so grabbed the ISO, mounted and installed it from there, which worked great.

Thursday everything seems to be okay (once I upgraded a couple but the text on my Start Menu looked funky. Same with the Action Center. Same with Edge. Funny as in changing colors and becoming so dark I couldn't read it. Check out these screenshots...


See what I mean? Funky.

I updated the video driver, tried contrast settings, color, accent, etc. etc., and nothing worked.

A few others had the problem too (so it wasn't just me going crazy) Windows 10 Start Menu Text too dark to read

Last night RASTX posted how he had the issue and how he fixed it. Which also worked for me too! Woot!

The problem? Intel 3D settings! WWWHHHHaaaattttt? Yeah, 3D settings.

With my Intel HD 4600 3D settings set like this (and a reboot, don't forget that)...


... my Start Menu/Action Center and Edge were back and now normal!



I am now a very happy Windows 10 Camper!

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