Sunday, January 15, 2006

IIS Diagnostics Toolkit (January 2006)

Download details: IIS Diagnostics Toolkit (x86)

"The IIS Diagnostics Toolkit is a combined release of popular tools used by today's IIS users. These tools include tools aimed at resolving problems related to Secure Socket Layer (SSL) issues, permission or security problems, gathering data for your SMTP server included with IIS, as well as the famous Log Parser utility used to sift through hundreds or thousands of log files very quickly.

The toolkit consolidates all the tools into a convenient download and is supplemented by updates every 90-days to ensure that users have the most current diagnostics tools at their fingertips. ...

I missed this... Sounds like a must for any IIS Dev or Admin. I dig the 90 day update cycle...

Supports IIS 4 through 6 and includes Auth Diagnostics 1.0, Debug Diagnostics Tool 1.0, Log Parser 2.2, SMTP Diagnostics 1.0, SSL Diagnostics 1.0 and WFetch 1.4

(via STEFANO DEMILIANI WeBlog - IIS Diagnostics Toolkit )

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