Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Explorer Shell Extension to Create and Delete NTFS Hard Link/Junction/Reparse Points

Link Shell Extension 

"The NTFS filesystem of NT4/W2K/WXP/WXP64 supports HardLink functionality, but HardLinks can only be created via the POSIX command ln, which is shipped with the Windows resourcekit. Even if with POSIX commands, HardLinks can only be created via the command prompt, which is a kind of a mess for many files.

The Link Shell Extension implements a extension to the Windows shell explorer, so that HardLinks, Junctions, and SymbolicLinks can be comfortably created via right mouse click on a selection of one or multiple files.

The Link Shell Extension is also available for WindowsXP64.


Very nice. This and this, Junction Shell Extensions 1.1 Released (for the junction icon overlay), make for a powerful pair.

Does this shoot down the last excuse for not using hard links, junctions, reparse points, symbolic links, etc, etc?


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Jan Hannemann said...

I fixed a small bug in SkyShellEx http://janhannemann.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/sync-any-folder-to-skydrive/
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