Friday, August 25, 2006

DotNetKicks Widget Added to Posts

Marcos, of FileHelpers fame, suggested I add a DotNetKicks widget to my blog posts. Given the work he's done on FileHelpers (which now has a new home domain,, he's earn a great deal of respect in my book. Plus he did all the research for me on adding it... :)

I dig DotNetKicks and have gotten a number of great references there. So while I don't expect many Kicks, I thought it would be cool to add the widget. integration into details the very simple template addition needed to integrate a DotNetKicks submission widget into your Blogger posts.

Good, fast and cheap. Three out of three does it for me! 


Anonymous said...

I have no clue what kick it is. Your explanation doesn't say, and when I click it it want me to login somewhere. Even the home page of doesn't explain what kicking it means. Could you explain what this is?

Greg said...

My bad...

I'm using "Kick" to imply adding a post to DotNetKicks OR to voting(aka kicking it, or "kicking it up a knotch") on a given item already posted.

Think of DotNetKicks as a Digg like site for .Net related posts/articles/sites/etc.

Here's a snip from their about page,

"What is a kick?
Kicks are votes of approval from our members. If a story has 16 kicks, that means 16 users liked it. The more kicks a story receives, the more likely that it will appear on the homepage. If you don't like a story, don’t give it a kick. "

gaech said...

Great blogroll. Very interesting.