Thursday, August 17, 2006

Guide to Writing a Windows Live Writer Plugin in C# - Write a Windows Live Writer plugin using C#

"As I stated yesterday Microsoft announced Beta version of its Windows Live Writer a blog client.  Most parts of this client are written in .NET and this enabled everyone to write his own plugins for it.


However I didn't want to sleep without writing a plugin and tried to write a more useful plugin to add Technorati tags to blog posts.  Here I write about the process I followed to let others start coding for Live Writer.  I created a workspace on CodePlex to write plugins for fun and share them with others.


This post is a nice step by step (well code, deploy, use, step by step...) guide.

Also make sure you check out their CodePlex WLW workspace which hosts the source for this plugin, plus WinAmp and Windows Media Player Currently Playing plugin's..

(via - Write a Windows Live Writer plugin using C#)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. Looks nifty. Though I wish they had a way of taking a bigger image and generating an icon from the image.