Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Free Training From Microsoft Learning

Walter Stiers - Microsoft Elearning - Visual Studio 2005 - SPECIAL OFFERS: Free for a limited time

" - Look at special Offers (bottom of the page)

Course 2913: Creating Your First Microsoft® ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application
Price: $44.99 NOW FREE, 1-year subscription

Course 4336: Upgrading from Microsoft® Visual Basic® 6.0: Introduction to the Microsoft .NET Framework
Price: $44.99 NOW FREE, 1-year subscription

Workshop 4249: Performing Asynchronous Tasks by Using Multithreading with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005
Price:$39.99 NOW FREE, 1-year subscription

Workshop 4260: Building and Consuming a Simple XML Web Service with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005"
Price: $39.99 NOW FREE, 1-year subscription"

Free is my favorite price for training...  ;)

Now I need to see if I can get CPE credit for these at work...

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