Saturday, October 07, 2006

WLW Related Post Plugin - Preview Part 2

I now have sorting and real time filtering working, multiple feed delimiter option, plus bunches of tweaks and such done. I think I'm done for the night.

Tomorrow is List Management Day (i.e. simple OPML editing) and then I think I'll be done (for v1.0 at least  ;)


Here's filtering in action. It's done real time and you can filter by the post title and/or post body. Filter values are not currently saved between sessions... I just don't think that would be that useful? The last used Post Source IS saved and is auto-loaded though.

Sorting works as you would expect it too, for both the full and filtered results. The sort is not currently saved between sessions... Again I don't think that would be that useful?


The Options can now be accessed either WLW Tools/Preferences menu or via the
"Options..." link label. And lets you decide how to join/concatenate/delimit/etc the feeds when you select more than one for inserting. I like line breaks/new lines, but thought other people might want different options.


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