Sunday, October 08, 2006

WLW Related Post Plugin - Preview Part 3

List Management Day went well... There's now a simple Feed/Post Source (i.e. OPML) management in the plugin. I've been testing it with my OPML file and it performs well.

It supports adding and deleting of groups and feeds, drag-n-drop organization, has pretty bitmaps, etc.

One issue I ran into was the the My.Blog OPML implement seems to require that all feeds be in a group. Since I didn't feel like dealing with that, I built in a requirement that all feeds be in a group. For example, if you add a new feed, but don't have one selected, a "Subscriptions" group gets auto-magically created and the feed put there.

The normal setup will include a default OPML file (with my blog in it  ;), but you can easily select another.

In any case, it's pretty darn close to beta release'able, so once I get the word from work & CodePlex I'll post it...

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