Monday, October 09, 2006

Provider Explorer in PowerShell Analyzer

Karl Prosser - Klumsy Geek - Provider Explorer in PowerShell Analyzer

"well you've seen the tab in powershell analyzer for along time, but it has always been empty, well now that has changed. I've implemented about half of what i want to do with it, but here is a screenshot so far...


Damn him! (JK!) I was thinking of building the same thing... It just seems so natural to build a GUI on top of/for the very cool PS Providers. I'll be watching this...

I've also been thinking of building some providers, just cause they're pretty darn cool... An INI provider? An XML provider? An SOAP/XML Provider? Web Page Provider (for web/screen scrapping)? A provider that hooks to a database?Think about mounting one of these and then being able to use the normal PS nav commands to move around and/or change them... I think that would be pretty nifty.

Source: Karl Prosser - Klumsy Geek » Provider Explorer in PowerShell Analyzer

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