Monday, May 07, 2012

Know if your Visual Studio 10 install is update to date with all the latest SP, patches and CU's? Here's an extension that will really help...

Terje Sandstrom - Visual Studio 2010: Version and update information tool

In my work I meet many developers, tester and project managers, all using Visual Studio. When I ask them if they have updated it to the latest version, there are many who simply don’t know. Should you always update ? YES, you should. The Visual Studio development teams are continuously making improvements to the product. The question also often comes when we notice that something doesn’t quite work the way it should, and we then realize it is caused by not having the latest update. The next issue then comes – how do we find out IF the latest version is installed. That should be trivial, but it isn't.

If you look at the Help/About in Visual Studio, it tells you if you have SP1 or just the RTM version installed. So far so good.


Only SOME of these indicates the correct cumulative updates that have been, five in all for the SP1. And, do you know what IS the latest version – I have a list published here, but still – it is hard work!

So, enter the Version and Update Info Tool. Install it from here:

Go to the Visual Studio Help menu, next to the bottom is “Version Info”, select it and if everything is as it should be, this is what it should show:


The tool gives you links to the download sites, and also to information pages for the updates. If you want information on what your current updates is, you have the name there, and if you go here, at the bottom of that post, the different updates are listed with links to information pages for them.

The principles for updating Visual Studio is to first get it up to SP1. Then you install the latest cumulative update, which is the GRD March 2012. I call this for the CU3, because it is a cumulative update. It is named very strangely at the download site Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Team Foundation Server 11 Compatibility GDR , but it is the correct one.

If any new updates for VS 2010 arrives, the Version Info Tool will be updated accordingly.

Be aware that these updates apply to the Visual Studio Client Tools, and that includes the Test Manager.



Visual Studio Gallery - VersionInfo

"Version information about your Visual Studio 2010 installation, and how to keep it updated to the latest version...."

You'd think that with all the feed reading and blogging, etc I do that I'd be a shoe-in for being up to date? Nope, I haven't gotten around to installing the TFS11 GDR update on this machine... Doh!



I really like how this extension makes it easy to get information about a given update as well as the download link. Not sure I care for the snarky comment, but it's no biggie...

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Terje Sandstrom said...

Hi Greg!
Thanks for blogging about it!

You have in fact also missed the CU2 from January 2012, but all will be well with the "CU3". I don't inform about the intermidiate missing updates, perhaps that could be wise, or perhaps just saying how many updates behind one is.
About the "snarky" comments, they are the result of weekend working - such things tends to creep in during weekends, but I guess I "could" add a checkbox to hide them ;-) Some like them too !

best regards Terje