Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blogger Backup Alpha Released

Blogger Backup CodePlex Project - Release Download

I've just released of my Blogger Backup utility. Still alpha, but it's working (I used it about once a month to backup my blog). There's still a number of features I'd like to add, with "Backup posts since last backup" being the main one I want to add...

Here is a snapshot of what's in this release.

  • Added "Save posts as(format)" option (includes "All posts in a single massive file" feature)

    This is the beginning of support for saving the posts in different formats.

    Atom Single (one file per post)
    Atom Combined(all posts in one file)
    [Pending] BlogML Combined(all posts in one file)
    [Pending] HTML Single
    [Pending] HTML Combined
    [Possible] Open XML/WordML (Office 2007) Single [Require .Net 3 be installed]
    [Possible] Open XML/WordML (Office 2007) Combined [Require .Net 3 be installed]
    [Possible] PDF Single
    [Possible] PDF Combined
    [Possible] MHTML
    etc, etc.

    * This feature needs some major rework and needs a provider/plugin model.

  • Added "Maximum Entries Per File" option
    When backing up post to a single file, this option will let you "batch" them into groups.

    Setting "Maximum Entries Per File" to 250 when using the "Atom Combined" format means that the a given combined XML file will only have 250 posts in and and additional files added as needed.

    For example, if you have 397 posts in your blog, and your max is set to 250, you will get two files. The first with 250 posts and the second with the remainder...
  • Upgraded/replaced the gdata.dll with the latest release of google.gdata.client.dll(
  • Added error handling to better deal with timeout issues when getting the get batch of posts.
  • Updated Blogger root URL, Replacing "Blogger 3.0 (Beta)" with "Blogger 3.0" and "Blogger 2.0" with "Blogger 2.0 (Old Blogger)"
  • Updated to support saving of comments from Blogger 3/(Beta) blogs
    Blogger 2 does not support the extraction of comments...

    Comments currently always save a separate Atom 1.0 files no matter the selected "save posts as(format)" option
  • Fixed bug where Latest 50 & Latest 100 stopped after only getting the latest 25
  • Added Version Number to main form's title text
  • Updated to remember and restore main form size and position

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