Saturday, April 21, 2007

New TFS & PowerShell (Beta) Posters from DRP

Willy-Peter Schaub's Cave of Chamomile Simplicity - Windows PowerShell - Quick Reference Poster in BETA depo

"Two new quick reference posters have been deposited in the technology readiness BETA repository for comment, one ocusing on the PowerShell syntax and common tasks, and the other listing the standard PowerShell cmdlets.


  • 0070 Microsoft PowerShell Scripting
  • 0072 Microsoft PowerShell Scripting Cmdlets
  • 0202 Microsoft Team System Branching
  • 0202 Microsoft Team System Source Structure"

Some new, cool and professional TFS/PowerShell posters from the DRP (developer readiness program) site. Since these are beta, you'll need to register to access them, but registration is open to the public, standard and painless.

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