Monday, April 23, 2007

Start of a Vista Speech Recognition Auto "Stop Listening" Applet (Think "Voice Saver")?

Rob's Rhapsody - Windows Speech Recognition in Vista: Dictation Everywhere


If you're a programmer (or don't mind dabbling), you certainly could though. In fact, you can create a simple shell script that does this like this:

set Recognizer = CreateObject("SAPI.SpSharedRecognizer")

Recognizer.EmulateRecognition ("show speech options")
Recognizer.EmulateRecognition ("options")
Recognizer.EmulateRecognition ("dictation everywhere")

set Recognizer = Nothing

When you run this it will connect to the shared recognizer that Windows Speech Recognition uses, it will pretend that the user spoke "show speech options", then wait for 1 second, then pretend that the user said "options", again wait for another 1 second, then again, pretend the user said "dictation everywhere".


This has kick started my thinking on creating an automatic Vista Speech Recognition "stop listening" applet ("Voice Saver" applet instead of screen saver...? I like that... "Voice Saver" it is).

Here's what I'm thinking; A system tray applet, that after xx minutes of system inactivity (able to track voice inactivity?) it automagically executes the "Stop listening" voice command.

Shouldn't be too hard? (LOL, famous last words...  ;) Looks like I have a new coding project...

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