Tuesday, November 20, 2007

CF4DevKit (Coding 4 Fun Development Kit) 1.0 Released

CodePlex - CF4DevKit Home - Version 1.0 Release

"Updates from BETA:

Web Services – connect to popular web APIs, such as MySpace, Amazon, Digg, YouTube
Vista Peer2Peer: Create Peer2Peer apps with the new P2P APIs.
Vista Calendar: Integrate with Vista’s Calendar with the new Calendar APIs
Telephony: Build TAPI enabled applications with the new Telephony API.
Picture Acquisition: Use the Picture Acquisition SDK with managed code.
Speech API: Leverage the power of Vista’s Speech features using SSML." [Release Notes Leached in Full]

CodePlex - CF4DevKit Home

"... The kit features include drag ‘n drop controls and components, SmartTags, Visual Basic and Visual C# source code for all tools and samples as well as complete QuickStarts and APIs documentation. For more information on this project, visit the C4F Developer Kit home page on the Visual Studio 2008 Express Web site. Addtionally, we've created the C4F Vista P2P Toolkit for adding peer-to-peer functionality to WinForm and WPF applications.


  • Bluetooth – implements 3 profiles: Serial Port, File Transfer and Object Push; plus provides Device Discovery and Service Discovery features of Bluetooth
  • Messaging – this collection provides developers an easy to use set of tools and easy to follow documentation to create applications that use SMTP and POP3 features for emailing

Windows Vista APIs

  • Windows Vista Contacts – abstraction of the Windows Contacts API allowing developers to use Windows Vista’s Contacts data store plus support for importing and exporting vCards, searching for contacts and many more features
  • Windows Vista Calendar - the Calendar controls and sample application shows examples of interacting with and manipulating Windows® Vista Calendar through an easy-to-use interface
  • Preview Handler – allows developers to resolve predefined file types such as Microsoft Word , Visual Basic and Visual C# source files, images and many others in their own applications; create your own Windows Explorer with simple drag ‘n drop controls


  • Telephony - the Telephony API provides methods which enable applications to make and receive telephone calls, send and receive digits using DTMF, and record and play back calls
  • Power Management – gain access in a simple way to cool Windows Vista Power Management features like rebooting, hibernating and locking a computer; get battery status on a laptop too
  • Windows Desktop Search – provides developers an easy way to create applications that use the built-in features of Windows Search; includes built-in quick search types for common file types like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and images plus many more
  • Windows Vista Picture Acquisition – exposes simple to use series of methods and properties to acquire pictures and videos from common devices like digital cameras

Web Services

  • Yahoo Traffic
  • Flickr
  • MySpace
  • Amazon.com
  • Craig's List
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • YouTube


Tested against VS2008 RTM...


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