Sunday, December 23, 2007

Use SC CONFIG to isolate a Service in its own svchost instance.

Digging in - How to isolate a service in its own scvhost.exe

"This is a very good public link to read about service control manager internals and how to manage services. 

Description of svchost.exe


for troubleshooting purposes if we want to isolate any one service running under svchost---we can do that using sc config  BITS type= own

now as you see BITS is running under its own scvhost  process.


This is like a two for one deal...

First there's a link to the cool Managing System Services document (87 page chapter 13 from what I think is the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit)

And then there's the tip on how to isolate a Service in a svchost.exe instance. (Say because a SVChost.exe instance is chewing up processor cycles, but that instance is hosting a number of services so it's hard to tell which one is being bad. So you want to isolate each service to its own svchost instance to hunt the evil one...)

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