Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Vector Drawing Application (free for private use) for you - Creative Docs.Net


"What is Creative Docs .NET?

Creative Docs .NET is a vector-based graphic design tool with support for rich text, ideal to quickly write short documents, manuals, posters, illustrations, schemas, plans, flow charts, and much more.

The interface is tailored for high productivity: it does never get in your way. Creative Docs .NET tools are simple, yet powerful. All styles and attributes can be modified interactively with a minimum number of mouse clicks. A color gradient, for instance, can be modified directly by dragging its handles in the document window.

Note: This software is being actively developed.

Creative Docs .NET 2.x is available for free as a full-featured version. It comes with no warranty whatsoever.

Bulletin sample Illusion sample Plan sample


CreativeDocs.Net - Screenshots

screen1-b screen3-b

Pierre sent me an email today letting me know about another free (for private, non-commercial usage) vector drawing program, Creative Docs.Net. I thought looked pretty darn cool so here it is... (and it was written in .Net which added to the coolness factor)

The install on Vista was smooth as was running and playing with it.

There's no SVG in or out yet, but it does support exporting to many standard bitmap formats as well as to PDF.

Also the source is currently closed, but some of the forum posts lead me to believe there's thought going into opening it...


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Anonymous said...

My first experience with Creative Docs .NET are extremely positive. It does everything that a vector program should do. What I couldn't find anywhere and I don't know if it is available is an import function or an open option to open file formats other than its own .crdoc

SOLARA said...

It is just me or what? I can't find a way for the software to import any image files. It can only open its own type of file which is in .crdoc format. What kind of format is that?

Greg said...

The CRDoc is its private file format.

I'm away from my install of it, but I think there's a toolbox "Bitmap" item that to drag to the canvas and load the bitmap into that....

Anonymous said...

i cant import any image file. what kind of GUI is that??

Arwalas said...

AMAZING program.

Sadly I can not use it for anything really as it does not have any meaningful vector import function.

But otherwise. Man, it is smooth, the icons and object handles are amazing to work with.
Practically brilliant.

I have worked with CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator professionally all my life, but I love your utility above those two behemoths.

You would do well if you polish it up even more and add a functional Import function that people from those programs can use.

It has to Import EPS, PS, DXF, SVG, AI (the newer version the better), as a bare minimum.

I know, licensing and such can be a real pain, and implementation is a lot of work. I do believe tho that this program would be commercially successful if you worked on it more. Yeah, I would pay to switch from illustrator to this.