Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scrum for Team System v2.1 Released

Scrum for Team System - Scrum for Team System v2.1 Released

"We are pleased to announce the availability of Scrum for Team System (SFTS) v2.1

This release fixes some issues that have been discovered with the v2.0 reports and eventing service. There have been no changes to the underlying Work Item Templates in the process template itself.


The more I hear about Scrum, the more interested I get.

I think what I like best, and what was news to me, is that it's not a way to develop/code, but a way to manage the development process.

I had originally thought it was "just" another Agile development methodology (which it is, kind of) like XP, etc. But recently I'm hearing that its more a way to manage an Agile effort. That it's a "...wrapper for existing engineering practices." (What is Scrum?)

What I hear, I like...


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