Saturday, June 21, 2008

[Local] Chilton Library (auto manuals) online for Ventura County Library card holders…

Simi Valley Acron - County library offering web-based resource for do-it-yourself car owners

“The Ventura County Library has a new web-based resource to help make it easier for patrons to maintain, repair and follow service bulletins and recalls for their cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.

The Chilton Library database offers complete and detailed repair information on thousands of make and model combinations.

Anyone with a Ventura County Library card can access the database through the library's website,




Sorry to all my readers outside of Ventura County (i.e. most of you ;), but I thought this was pretty cool. It must be hard for a local Library to try to stay relevant now-a-days and I thought this was a cool way of them trying to do so.

If one country library chain is doing this then yours might also? With the world at our fingertips, don’t count out your local library. They may surprise you…

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