Monday, June 09, 2008

Templex – The Process Template sharing project we’ve (TFS’ers) have all been waiting for?

CodePlex - Templex - The TFS Process Template Library

Project Description
Set your templates free! Share and discover Team Foundation Server process templates and other goodies here.
This CodePlex projects serves as a repository for open source Team Foundation Server (TFS) process templates, work item type definitions and report definitions. TFS uses process templates to configure new team projects. Each process template includes the following:

  • TFS Security groups and permissions
  • Initial set of Areas and Iterations
  • Work item type definitions
  • Initial set of work items
  • Work item querys
  • MS Project Mappings
  • Version control permissions and settings for check-out and check-in
  • Project portal document library settings, including an initial set of documents
  • SQL Reporting Services report definitions

Once a team project is created, the following configuration items can be imported, exported and modified:
  • Work item type definitions
  • Work item queries
  • Report definitions

Getting Started
Go to the Source Code tab to browse and download process templates, work item type definitions, work item queries and report definitions. For more information on working with these item see:

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Not currently a ton there yet, but I like what I see so far (i.e. The placeholder folders Scrum/Scrum for Team System   ;)

CodePlex Project Source & Released Feed = Subscribed

(via Team System KB - Templex-Sharing Team System Process Templates)

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