Friday, July 04, 2008

[Humor] Building airplanes the Scrum way

FileHelpers Library - If Airplanes Were Made By Using Scrum/Agile


The best metaphor for Scrum that I see in a while :P


It’s somewhat of an oldie, but still funny… And while not a perfect Scrum metaphor, it’s pretty close.  ;)


abby said...

haha, cute. I'd never seen that before but it instantly reminded me of their herding cats ad.

I think I'd have to say that would be an example of why you don't release to production every iteration ;-)
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Greg said...

LOL... Good point. ;)

Michael Sivers said...

Maybe it's just me but this doesn't really show Agile in a good light?

If I were a potential real customer I would be somewhat perturbed by the airline customer getting a face full of orange juice and a less than pleasurable experience!