Saturday, July 05, 2008

Zune Buzz Word Bingo – My first Zune game attempt

CodePlexZune Buzz Word Bingo

I’ve just created the Project and checked in the source to my first XNA and Zune game attempt. Yeah!

For whatever reason, when programming mobile devices, the first game I seem to want to create is a Buzz Word Bingo game. This is the third time I’ve created one, the first for the Motorola PageWriter 2000, once for an old Windows Mobile version and now for the Zune.

Being a long time WinForm (and VB1-6, VB.Net7-9) developer, the hardest thing for me was/is to get over the fact that there's no design surface. No dragie dropie, no UI building help, no designers, etc. You're writing code to draw everything and to lay everything out, period. And that's okay, it just takes some mental adjustment.


It’s a very simple game, and the code is very fugly, and the UI... well the less said about the UI the better. :p

It's based on getting four in a row, across, diagonal or down. Once you get 4, you "Win."

The next thing I'm going to add is network play (luckily my son has a Zune too so I can even test it). Just think how cool it would be, to be in a "all hands" meeting/presentation and be playing a ah-hoc wirelessly networked peer-to-peer session of Buzz Word Bingo... LOL. Like the tagline says, "the cure for the common meeting." ;)

Here are some sample screenshots, from the "Windows Copy" project and as well as some pictures of it running on my Zune. On the Zune the "Card" actually looks better than the Windows version, though the picture doesn't do it justice.

Intro.1.0  GamePlayA.1.0  GamePlayB.1.0 Winner.1.0


(The background is a picture we call "Frisky'zilla" :)





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Steven said...

I love my zune too. I got mine at they had the best price!