Friday, July 04, 2008

VB Futures – Dan Fernandez Interviews Amanda Silver about VB (aka, Saying goodbye to the "_" in VB.Next?)

Channel 9 - TechEd Amanda Silver on Visual Basic 2008 and VB in the future

"I caught up with Amanda Silver to discuss new for 2008 features like LINQ, XML Literals, using LINQ to target LINQ for .NET Framework 2.0. Amanda shares her thoughts on the future of dynamic typing in Visual Basic, runtime changes in edit-and-continue,  how to make changes in pseudo-run mode, the challenges in adding IntelliSense for dynamic typing, and improving native/Pinvoke calls for .NET developers. Amanda also reveals her toughest feature cut that the team had to make for the VB 2008 release." [Description leached in full]

TechEd Amanda Silver on Visual Basic 2008 and VB in the future

Dan chats with Amanda about VB 2008 and where VB is going.

One of the coolest things, in my book at least, is that we may soon see the end of the line for the line continuation character "_"... (Pun intended ;)

It's a feature, or removal, or whatever, that almost made VS2008.

Dan: "Is it feasible?"

Amanda: "Yes, I've seen it..."


Besides that there were hints about much VB goodness coming at PDC 2008... (with the possibility of beta bits ;)


(via Goto 100 - Development with Visual Basic - Amanda Silver on Visual Basic 2008 and the future of VB)

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