Monday, December 08, 2008

WiX 3 is now officially in “Beta”

Aaron Stebner's WebLog - WiX v3.0.4805.0 build is declared an official beta build

“Last week, Rob Mensching and Bob Arnson posted some information on their blogs about the upcoming declaration of a beta build of WiX v3.0 in preparation for locking down WiX v3.0 to get it ready to ship in Visual Studio 2010 (an older 3.0 build is currently available in the CTP).

This morning, the WiX 3.0.4805.0 build was published to the SourceForge release page (in addition to the normal weekly release page) and declared an official beta build.  Here are links to more information about this build:

If you're using a build of WiX v3.0 to create your installers, you should upgrade to the 3.0.4805.0 build if possible in order to help validate the fixes that have been made over the past few months and help the WiX development team determine how close WiX v3.0 is to being done and ready to ship.


I’m a fan of WiX and it’s really nice to see it progress into official beta status… Don’t know about WiX? It’s going to be in VSTS2010, so now is probably a good time to add it to your mental “look into this” keyword list.


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