Monday, March 23, 2009

One gets you Ten. One DLL, Ten free WCF Debugger Visualizers

E4D Learning - Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Debugger Visualizers Tools

“Visual Studio 2005 shipped with a very nice feature called debugger visualizers. In accordance with their names, debugger visualizers allow you to visually view useful information about objects during debug.

WCF Visualizers Tool contain number of visualizers:
1. Message Visualizer.
2. ChannelDispatcher Visualizer .
3. ServiceDescription Visualizer.
4. ServiceHost Visualizer.
5. ServiceEndpoint for the client side.
6. ClientRuntime Visualizer.
7. Binding Visualizer.
8. SecurityContext Visualizer.
9. Security Visualizer.
10. OpeartionContext Visualizer



While there’s no source and no installer (but that’s easy, just go here for manual visualizer instructions How to: Install a Visualizer), I still thought this was pretty cool…


(via Visual Studio Gallery - WCF Debugger Visualizers Tool)

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