Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Scrum Quick Reference Card from DZone/Refcardz (Reg-ware)

DZoneRefcardzScrum Reference Card


Scrum is an iterative, incremental software development framework commonly used with agile software development. This Refcard provides a concise overview of the structure of roles, meetings, rules and artifacts within a Scrum organization – it is the definitive cheat sheet for any development manager or software team that is currently using or planning to use Scrum.



Six (well five and a quarter) pages of Scrum Reference from the Refcardz masters, DZone. Brought to us by danube, my favorite Scrum training providers (where I got my Scrum Master Certification ;)

I really liked how this card wasn’t complete overview but instead more brass tacks (as much as you can be in 5 pages anyway). I see this Card as a good reminder and fill in a few blanks (aka a “reference card” ;) resource for those you already know some about Scrum. This isn’t for the scrum-noob but instead more for those how are actually starting, or using Scrum.


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Michael James said...


Thank you for the kind words. One of my previous class participants learned about this reference card through your blog. It was hard work distilling the contents into five pages!

Another popular article of mine, also intended for people who already know Scrum, or to supplement training: An example checklist for ScrumMasters. This is to show some ways an effective ScrumMaster can make a huge difference in team and business performance.

Michael James
Danube Technologies, Inc.