Sunday, April 26, 2009

Redgate is doing it again… A metric ton-load of free eBooks (and their suite of tools too) is just a quick reg away.

redgate - The Art of XSD - SQL Server Schema Collections

“Today, a lot of applications exchange information in XML format. As such there needs to be an agreement between the sender and receiver about the structure and content of the XML document. An XSD (XML Schema Definition Language) Schema can be used to enforce this contract and validate the XML data being exchanged.

This book will help you learn and use XML Schema collections in SQL Server. Prior knowledge of XSD is not required to start with this book, although any experience with XSD will make your learning process easier. This book starts with the basics of XML schemas and then walks you through everything you need to know in order to build powerful XML schemas in SQL Server.


Which leads you to this…

“SQL Server eBook Selection

  1. Simple Talk Crib Sheet Compendium
  2. The Art of High Performance SQL by Grant Fritchey
  3. The Art of XSD by Jacob Sebastian

DBA eBooks bundle

  1. Mastering SQL Server Profiler
  2. Brad's Sure Guide to SQL Server 2008
  3. Brad McGehee's DBA Best Practices
  4. How to Become an Exceptional DBA




Also available as a single book, 'Mastering SQL Server 2005 Profiler' (redgate - Free eBook and 14-day trial for faster SQL Server troubleshooting)


That’s officially a “bunch” of eBooks. Enough to keep you all busy for a bit, ya think? ;)

(via Felipe Ferreira - Free E-Books)


Jacob Sebastian said...

Thanks Greg for posting this.

Theo Spears said...

Hello Greg

Great to hear that you are enjoying The Art of XSD. If you let me know your postal address ( I'll send a physical copy your way.

Theo Spears
Red Gate