Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tons of tangible T4 tips – Updated Tangible Engineering T4 Editor, Videos and T4 Template Gallery

Tim Fischer's .NET Small and Medium App Blog - New T4 "How Do I?"-Videos , new T4 Editor and Online T4 Template Gallery

“As Jean Marc and Oleg pointed out T4 is getting more attention now. Tangible Engineering did now post new T4 How Do I Videos and released another great T4 editor V1.3 that comes with an Online T4 Template Gallery, intellisense and syntax-highlihting and uml-style diagrams in its free edition...

Check out the videos

- T4 Video:  Generate Data Transfer Objects

- T4 Video: Custom LINQ-to-SQL Classes via Drag and Drop

- T4 Video: Image Gallery via T4

- T4 Video: Generate multiple output Files with T4

- T4 Video: Generate Stored Procedures

- T4 Video: .NET Data Services Change Tracking

- T4 Video: T4 Editor #include-Directive

- T4 Video: Generate from XML File

- T4 Video: Generate from DSL Files

- T4 Video: Share templates online with the build-in online T4 Gallery

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T4 is getting more interest lately so this caught my eye.


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