Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don’t let your UAC hang out…

THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS "DIVA" - Windows 7 - pull your slider up


But the point of this blog post is more about how I think people should be zipping up their Windows 7.  UAC should be up at the top of their defense in depth slider bar (In fact, I have a sushi food bet that by the time Windows 7 SP1 ships they will make the default of that UAC slider bar back up to the top.  Anyone who knows anything at all about me knows that I don't much like raw fish)

So here you have it, Susan's single handed marketing campaign to get you to slide your Defense in depth zipper up.


Cartoon is once again done by the brilliant Curtis of

This killed me… And I like the metaphor. Not having UAC on, and on enough, is like letting your… well… you know… hang out in the wind.

I so want a T-shirt with this on it. LOL

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