Sunday, July 26, 2009

Visual Basic gets some T4 Toolbox love – The T4 Toolbox now supports C# and VB as a template languages

T4 Toolbox -

“… T4 Toolbox now supports both C# and Visual Basic as template language:


Oleg Sych - T4 Toolbox: Visual Basic as Template Language

“As of version 9.7, T4 Toolbox now supports Visual Basic as the template language in addition to C#. You can now create text templates in Visual Basic and perform advanced code generation tasks such as create multiple output files from a single template, automatically add output files to one or more target projects, automatically check out files from source control system if they were modified during regeneration and more.

T4 Toolbox now comes with a set of project item templates for Visual Basic. Here is what you will see when adding a new item to a Visual Basic project.

Entire functionality of the core framework of T4 Toolbox is now available to Visual Basic developers. I have updated the T4 tutorial series to provide examples in both C# and Visual Basic.


CodePlex - T4 Toolbox 

“T4 Toolbox is a library of code generation templates for Visual Studio.


Oleg Sych - T4 Toolbox

“You may have noticed that in my last couple of articles about T4, the download links point to a CodePlex project called T4 Toolbox. I think it’s time to explain what this is all about.

What  is T4 Toolbox?

T4 Toolbox is a set of ready-to-use code generation templates and essential supporting tools like custom directive processors, packaged in a simple installation program. Each completed code generation template includes a Visual Studio project item template to make it available in the Add New Item dialog of Visual Studio.


Got to love it when the programming language I dream in (sigh) gets some T4 related TLC.

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