Sunday, November 22, 2009

From code-behind to MVVM in 90 Minutes - Jason Dolinger on MVVM

Lab 49 - Jason Dolinger on Model-View-ViewModel 

“A while back, Jason Dolinger, a consultant here at Lab49, gave us a presentation on design in WPF with the Model-View-ViewModel pattern and the Unity dependency injection framework.

Jason started with an application that one would write in a “traditional” way, with button clicks handled by event-handlers in the code-behind that then updated other parts of the UI. Using WPF data-binding, Commands, and Unity, he transformed it, piece by piece, in a much more manageable, encapsulated, readable, and testable M-V-VM design. It was awesome.

It was so awesome, in fact, that after the presentation Jason recorded the demo for all to see here.

Check it out. It’s the most practically instructive explanation of WPF design I’ve seen.

UPDATE: I thought I should mention that while Jason’s presentation is geared towards WPF, the patterns he describes are very applicable for Silverlight as well. There are a few things to take note of, though: …”

This is an oldie but a still goodie (having been released last year makes it an oldie…sigh… LOL)

(via Tech Tock - From Winforms to WPF MVVM in 90 Minutes and a tweet I got a while ago from @huseyint)


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